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Nutritious and Delicious Foods For Your Parrot
Foraging is essential to your bird's health and well-being. Phoenix Foraging Rolls will provide foraging activity for your bird while it works to discover all the goodies inside.  The UnPellet mix is a unique dry mix that can also be used to hide for foraging, or for a food to leave out during the day, or just to add variety to your bird's diet. Also check out our other new products. We are always researching and searching for the best foods for your beloved parrot!
In the wild, parrots exhibit four main behaviors:
sleeping and

Two thirds of their day is spent foraging for food. The parrot in captivity has his food served to him in bowls and doesn't need to spend time foraging. Or does he? We wonder why our parrots have behavioral problems. Perhaps they are bored?  Perhaps we need to evaluate our parrot's quality of life in captivity and see what we can do to meet more of their natural behaviors. Perhaps we can reduce their over-preening or feather picking and some other behavior problems.

    SITE DIRECTORY- Our web site has a lot to it and sometimes it can be confusing. We want to show you here how it is organized so you can navigate it better:
    STORE- when you go to you are going to the store. There are several pages on the store, not just the shopping cart. We connected that part of our site to the actual URL because we wanted the store to be quickly accessible if you don't want to read, you just want to put in a quick order.  The tab at the store that says "More Information" will bring you to the "site."  The shopping cart is the only part of our various areas that you use "www" for. That is because the other parts have "blog" or whatever in place of "www." 
    SITE- You are currently on the site part of our web site.  The actual URL here, you may notice says    We have more options for including photos and information here than we do in the few pages of the cart.  You will notice that there are actually TWO sets of tabs. The ones connected to this information you are reading take you to different pages all within the SITE.  Then in the very upper left you will see tabs that say "Blog," "Albums," "Social," and "Forum."  These take you to the areas we will describe below. 
    BLOG- This is just what it says it is.  A blog that Lucy can write on and people can respond.  The URL is Http://
    PHOTOS- This is where we can put LOTS of photos!  Please send us more photos of your parrots!  Especially photos of them enjoying our products!  We love to see your birds and hope you will share more photos with us.  E-mail them to Lucy at  The URL for the albums is Http://
    SOCIAL- this is one page with lots of stuff going on.  We'd like to hear from you about this page. Any ideas for other things to do with it?  Right now we have lots of parrot links, photos, videos, etc...  A slide show runs on this page with the photos from the ALBUMs.  It is Http://  We have a chat room available that we can open for any parrot related discussions or groups.  We just need to know a time so we can open it for you. 
    FORUM- This is nothing fancy, but it is a forum nevertheless.  Anyone can post a topic once you have signed up for it. We would like to see more discussions going here, especially about parrot nutrition.  The URL is (you guessed it) Http://  There isn't a tab for this in the upper left like there is for the blog, photos and social pages. But we made a tab on the regular site tabs that says "Forum" and there is a link there to it. 

We hope you enjoy our web site, find what you are looking for at our store, join us on our blog with your comments and send us lots of photos for our photo pages.  We put out a monthly e-newsletter with specials and parrot nutrition information.  If you are not on the mailing list and would like to be, you can join here.  
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We also have live chat available.  If you would like to use the chat feature with some of your parrot loving friends, we can arrange for it to be open for you.  Contact us on the contact page. 
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