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When will I get my rolls/UnPellet etc.? or Why don't you ship the same day I order like many companies do?

We do not keep anything pre-made in stock and our products are all handcrafted to order.  We TRY to ship orders within a week after we receive them.  However, sometimes we get a lot more orders at one time and things get backed up so it is two or even three weeks.  We hope that you can be patient and that it is worth it having products made right before they are shipped to your door!

How long do these products keep?

Dehydrated foods generally have a long shelf life.  However, since we don't have lots of equipment to test moisture content and we don't use any artificial preservatives, we suggest refrigeration of anything that won't be used within a few days after you receive it.

These rolls look different than the last time I ordered the same type.  Why would that be?

Our foraging rolls are handmade. Sometimes some of the ingredients are in larger pieces than other times.  Sometimes more of some ingredients show through the wrapper and other times different ones do. Occasionally we have to substitute a similar ingredient, but we will inform you of that unless it is just red quinoa for black quinoa or green lentils for red lentils etc..

Why aren't all of your ingredients organic?  I've been told it's best to buy organic?
We agree it is best to buy organic when you can.  However, unfortunately, not everything is available organically grown yet.  Grains are easy to get organically grown, and most parrot foods sold commercially are mostly grains. Grains are cheaper and not as nutritious as most of the ingredients in our rolls and other foods.  So when we buy something like blueberries, which are a very nutritious food packed full of antioxidants, our choice is either buy organic with sugar and oil added or not to buy organic.  In other situations, there are still no options to get some ingredients (like our sticky black rice) in organic that we feel  is such a great food that we buy it even though it's only available right now as a conventionally grown food.  We are always glad to hear about more options in organic foods.  If you know of any, let us know.  Occasionally we will get some locally in smaller quantities.  Probably about 70% of our ingredients are organically grown.  We hope some day that will be 100%. 

Why don't you sell a complete diet for my parrot like many of the bigger companies do?

There are many companies that claim to be producing a "complete" diet for your bird. Some of them have done more research into avian nutrition than others.  They may add a little more calcium to an African Grey diet, a little more fruit and vegetables to an eclectus diet, etc.  But if you will read the labels, the major company's pellets are largely made of inexpensive grains.  We aren't opposed to grains but we don't think they should be the main food for a parrot.  We don't know of any parrot that eats primarily grain in the wild.  What we are trying to offer is a variety of products with varied and diverse ingredients that are nutritious for you parrot.  We hope you will also be feeding lots of fresh foods. Always consult with an avian vet if you have questions or concerns about your parrot's diet.

Some of my rolls have small cracks in them.  Are they supposed to be that way?

In the dehydrating process sometimes the rolls crack. If it is just a hairline crack and the roll still holds together, we consider that to be acceptable and will still ship it.  If the roll is actually broken into pieces, that happened in shipping and we will replace them (unless it is the cut rolls in the intro pack, which are supposed to be cut in half and sometimes break the rest of the way). 
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