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Below this is the link to  our store.  There are also links to other sites that we think have high quality products for your parrot. This is also the page to subscribe to several of our products if you want to have them automatically paid and shipped monthly through Paypal.

If you want to subscribe to our monthly e-mail newsletter you can also do that here. Then you will find out about monthly specials and get information about parrot nutrition that isn't available on the site. 
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Some of our products are available on a subscription basis.  Some customers like having it pay and delivered monthly without having to log in and order each month to keep their beloved parrot well stocked.  For your convenience we offer these options. We charge a little less for the subscriptions than ordering off the shopping cart, too. If you have a product you would like to subscribe to that isn't listed here, send us an e-mail and we will add a button.

You can cancel at any time.  They are set up to continue until you cancel them.  You can cancel through Paypal.  We can send you instructions if you don't find it on Paypal. 

Every other month, 2 large Green Chunks, 1 medium Small Bird UnPellet, 1 pk. teff sticks= $139.

L Unpellet, S Small Bird UnPellet, M African Appetizers, L Savory rolls, L Scarlett's Spicy rolls, Snack Sticks- monthly

UnPellet Monthly- use drop down menu for amount 
Price per month including shipping is $20.50 small, $34 medium, $48 medium plus small, $54 large, and $104 2 large

size per month

UnPellet Large plus Medium Every other month: $88

Large plus small UnPellet to Hawaii- $66 plus 20.05 shipping- discount= $77

1 L UnPellet + 1 L Green Chunks plus US shipping

1 L UnPellet, 1 L Green Chunks, 1 M Small Bird UnPellet, every other month.  $125.

4 med. small bird UnPellet + 1 Med Green Chunks, every other month= $94 plus 13.55 shipping- discount = $97

Every other month small UnPellet and small Green Chunks.  $38

Monthly large UnPellet and small small bird UnPellet

Every other month small UnPellet, $20.50

Every other month medium UnPellet and medium Green Chunks, $60

Green Chunks Monthly
Including shipping: Small- $20.50, Medium- $34,  Large-$54

size choices

Monthly green chunks (medium plus small), 4 small canopy rolls, 4 small scarlett's spicy rolls- $69

Monthly medium green chunks plus 2 bags teff sticks monthly- $43

Every other month, 3 large Green Chunks, U.S.

Canadian 2 large UnPellet Monthly
$118 including shipping

Canadian every other month 2 large UnPellet
$118 including shipping

Canadian Every other month 1 large UnPellet and 1 large Green Chunks
$118 including shipping

1 medium (8 cup) UnPellet, plus 1 medium (4 cup) small bird UnPellet monthly plus shipping

6 medium (largest size) small bird UnPellet, 1 large regular UnPellet, 8 organic snack sticks monthly: $155

1 4 cup small bird UnPellet monthly

One Small Bird Medium Unpellet every other month

6 4 cup small bird UnPellet every other month- 99 including shipping

1 4 cup small bird UnPellet and 1 4 cup regular UnPellet monthly.  $29 plus 10 shipping, $39.

1 large UnPellet, 2 medium small bird UnPellet, 1 medium Green Chunks, plus shipping. 10% discount from store prices. 

Subscription (new) for Kristal and Gary to 2 addresses

Large and Medium UnPellet, Small Green Chunks, and 8 organic snack sticks.  $110 plus 14 shipping.  $124/monthly.

6 Medium (size of small regular UnPellet) Small Bird UnPellet every other month, plus shipping -$98

Medium Green chunks, 4 organic Sushi, 4 small Canopy rolls, 4 small Scarlett's Spicy- monthly plus shipping= $61

Small UnPellet, Small Green Chunks, 1 pk small Canopy rolls, 1 pk small Savory rolls, 1 pk. Sushi to Squawk for Every other month:$66

M Green Chunks, 4 s Canopy, 4 s Savory, 1 pk teff sticks monthly- $57 incl. shipping

1 L Green Chunks, 1 M Small Bird UnPellet, 1 pk S Canopy rolls, 1 pk teff sticks/month= $92

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