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Gorbash (photo on nutrition page) and Khu eat both the UnPellet and the rolls with such enthusiasm that it's hard to get photos that aren't blurry! Khu was a rescue and is usually fairly shy, but picks the rolls up and walks around with them, talking to herself sometimes before eating them. It's really funny. She tends to talk a lot when there is a food she is very excited about, and she sure will start up a conversation when a foraging roll comes into sight! Gorbash was a rescue too and I suspect he was raised on junk food considering how he begs us when he sees bags of chips or a french fry... so getting him to eat healthy has always been a challenge. If he had his way his entire diet would be almonds! But even he really seems to like the UnPellet and I've caught him eating nearly everything in it at one time or another.
It smells so good when they're eating that I have to remember that I bought the food for them, not for me!  -Jennifer
Geri writes:
Oh my gosh!!!
My skinny conure who  is truly the worst eater EVER has been eating the Unpellets for longer than he has every kept his little head in a food dish in all 14 years of his life!!!!
Quinn truly is the WORST eater. I have spent hundreds of dollars (truly... least $500.00)  in the past 2 months after his checkup-trying every healthy food available in the birdy world-from cooked foods to birdie breads(which he would not touch) to every holistic,organic pellet in an attempt to get him to gain a little weight. He is healthy-just a poor eater!
He loved the UnPellet as soon as I filled his dish last night.
I am thrilled!!!

Lisa says: Sheba has had a chronic yeast problem.  The medication she takes suppresses her appetite and for a while she would only take hand fed formula. Then she discovered the UnPellet mix.  She likes the UnPellet so much, the girls call it Sheba's 'crack' because she is already so addicted to it.  She munches on it off and on all day.

Marie in New Jersey writes:

"I received my order today of some goodies I wanted to try for Ruby. She’s usually very cautious before she tries something new. Well she was eating the Papaya Ring before I was finished tying it to the bar of her cage! While she was munching on it I started hanging the Pinata Pod. Well she proceeded to hurry over to try that as I was trying to tie it up. I am amazed! I know she loves her Unpellet and she’s tried various rolls but I didn’t expect this! Thank you so much for making such good products for my redhead!


I had to stop myself from putting the rest of what I bought in for her. I want to space it out a little and give her the others tomorrow.


Here is Ruby with a Papaya Ring:

Kathy in New York writes:

“I give thanks for you everyday, you have made my mental state much better with this product (UnPellet) knowing that while I am at work Lollie isn't unhappy with spoiled food at home, or making beak paintings with food all over the walls.

For Lollie’s entertainment I hide some of her new food, this way she doesn't eat it all in one perching. (honestly I think she would bathe in it if I let her).   She has a stainless steel bucket that her toys go in and I thought this would be a good hiding place for some of the good stuff even though it was somewhat deep.  As I was sitting and drinking my coffee I kept hearing what I thought was one of her tech toys.  I went over to her cage to see which toy it wasn't a toy it was Lollie butt up, head deep in the bucket repeating over and over "UMMM UMMM, want some more? Want some more?"  The talking part was funny enough but it was the head in the bucket sound that made me laugh so hard I cried.
So there you go, a very happy bird that has found her calling....your wonderful food.”
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