Phoenix Foraging Rolls, LLC
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Who Are the People at Phoenix Foraging Rolls, LLC?

Lucy (photo on right) is the owner and founder of Phoenix Foraging Rolls is .  She got inspired to start this business when she was making spring rolls for friends. She had some leftovers after a potluck and didn't cover them well in the refrigerator overnight.  They got hard on the outside and she decided to experiment with making them with fillings for parrots and putting them in the dehydrator. This is how the foraging rolls were "invented!"  The UnPellet was born after another popular healthy parrot food company went out of business and multiple people were commenting to Lucy that they didn't know what they would do now for their parrot's dry food supply.  Lucy researched the idea for several months to come up with something that was at least as nutritious as what that company had offered, with more variety in the ingredients. She decided not to do species specific foods for a variety of reasons.  This was the beginning of the UnPellet and its fans continue to grow. 

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